Angel Evolution (2011)
Angel Evolution (2011)
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Interestic idea but poorly executed.As I read this book I kept thinking that this story was NOT edited or something. There was one too meny chapters where the story screamed to be elaborated. Add it all up and you get a mess of a story which is way too dry and boring to be considered even a decent reading material. It´s pity considering there were good ideas like the history between daemons and angels, how had it happened, that an obvious power hungry madman is leading the angels, about the disagreement between the two fractions and so on...So yeah... quite disappointing for me.To be fair, I have to mention the few parts which I surprisingly liked. For example the unusual friendship between a former cheerleader and Miss not so popular, Chris´ personality and his realationship with Sam. It started as a story I thought would touch me, because I felt like it would. But sadly things didn't go so well. At first it felt different than all the collage based stories but then it wasn't. I thought the story would address angels differently and give us a bare angle to see angels through but I was disappointed. But I enjoyed the smart remakes and the funny talks as well as some of the actual physical fights. I also loved the main character, which is why I gave it a 3 star instead of a 2. So over all I was sadly disappointed but enjoyed the main female's way if pressing and controlling her life (or the lack of).
nici o legatura cu divinitatea,multa vrajeala,minciuna si romanta ieftina,,,nu e cine stie ce,,,
Let down. Shallow characters, shallow plot, shallow back story. Lazy write, waste read.
Disregard last progress update. -_-
Nice story but not very good told.
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