Angel Sister (2011)
Angel Sister (2011)
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0800733819 (ISBN13: 9780800733810)
Fleming H. Revell Company
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It is the summer of 1936 in the fictitious village of Rosey Corner, Kentucky. Kate Merritt is the middle child of Victor and Nadine growing up during the Great Depression. Victor is slipping into alcoholism due to recurring nightmares of time spent in the trenches of France during WWI. Nadine struggles to keep the family financially afloat as Victor’s livelihood as a blacksmith becomes technologically irrelevant. Kate is the responsible middle sister of three who feels things deeply compared to her seemingly oblivious sisters.When five-year-old Lorena Birdsong is abandoned by her parents on the steps of her grandfather’s church, Kate’s heart is captured. Lorena sees Kate as her angel sister, sent by her mother to feed and care for her. Though Kate is still very much a child at age 14, her caretaker’s nature does not entertain any other option than to bring Lorena home. As the family embraces the waif, a chain of events is set in motion that ultimately reveals many long-buried secrets in the families of Rosey Corner.Gabhart does a masterful job of pulling readers into this well-researched story. A variety of colorful characters emerge as the story unfolds with the recurring theme of overcoming pain and damage caused by tragedy in families. Readers experience both laughter and tears with this intense story of a broken family struggling to survive in difficult times.Review by Lynette I enjoyed this book very much. The novel takes place in southern Kentucky in the 1936. It tells the story of the Merritt family and how the lives of the family members are changed by the arrival of 5 year old, Lorena Birdsong, who was dropped off at the church, by her parents when they could no longer afford to care for her. The father, Victor, struggles with nightmares he still has since returning from fighting in WWI, alcoholism as he drinks to numb the mental and emotional pain, and the emotional baggage of his father's domineering verbal abuse which has been heaped on since he was a child. Nadine, the mother, loves her husband, but has fallen into despair over her husband's drinking problem. She, too, has been victim to a domineering, critical father who is also the pastor of the Rosey Corner Baptist Church and has been since before Nadine was born. Evie, the 16-year old oldest daughter, ignores her father's drinking problem and is most concerned with her appearance. Kate, the 14-year old middle daughter, has taken on the role of looking after her father when he comes home in the middle of the night and of trying to make her mother happy. Victoria, or Tory, the 10 year old youngest daughter, finds her greatest happiness in digging up worms and going fishing. One day Kate finds a little girl, 5 year old, Lorena Birdsong, sitting on the church steps. The little girl claims Kate is her angel sent to find her and protect her. Lorena quickly finds a place in the heart of each family member. However, other family members---the 2 domineering grandfathers are not happy about this.I loved the character, Kate. She is spunky, practical, curious, outspoken, but also very caring of others. The author has also done an exceptional job of portraying not only the physical ordeas suffered by soldiers during WWI but also the emotional and mental trauma they endured. Woven throughout the book are spiritual values of finding strength in God to get through the hard times of life---often voiced through the sayings of Aunt Hattie---another character I loved in the book.
Read for my book club. Excellent choice. First time reading this author. Will read her again.
Cute but a bit predictable.
Great book!
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