Angel's Kiss (2000)
Angel's Kiss (2000)
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I chose this book because of several good reviews and I must admit, after the first few pages, I thought "Oh,oh.", but the further along I read, the more I wanted to know. I think my initial hesitation was because the characters are so different from what I'm used to from a first person POV.Stevie's concept of Dark Angels and Immortals is intriguing and the story and conflict moved along at a good pace. The end caught me by surprise, but I should have known because Stevie gave me all the information I needed. To me, that's a sign of good plotting.Like another reviewer, I wish I could award another half star. My only criticism, and this is personal not constructive, is that I don't care for cliff hangers. I don't mind unanswered questions - That's part of a series' intrigue, but I do like the main story resolved and I didn't quite get that from Angel's Kiss. This won't however, prevent me from purchasing the next installment.This was a good start and I suspect Stevie's talent will improve with each book. I'm looking forward to it. I received this book from my group called Lovers of Paranormal as a Request to Read from the Author. At first I was hesitant having not done this before and scared I would be forced to finish and then have to "review" a mediocre book. Other than a couple small editting errors which are my personal pet peeve in Ebooks I am happy to say that wasn't the case at all. Angel's Kiss was a a good read right from the beginning. I enjoyed the relationships as they developed and changed and felt like I was being invited into Alexandria's world one maneagable piece at a time. I found myself wanting to go back and read to find out what happened next even though at the time I was very busy. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
looks and sounds awesome cant wait to read it...
Best book I have read in a while :)
Very good book
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