Angyalnyár (2013)
Angyalnyár (2013)
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Maxim Könyvkiadó
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Radient is a short novella that is told by Angela. She had Clara are in Rome for the summer. Angela is there every summer to spend time with her Italian family. Angela reconnect with her boyfriend, Phen, who we learn is an angel. Not only is he an angel but a watcher angel who considers himself neutral.Interesting twist to the story and opens many possibilities to what may happen when the girls are at Stanford in the fall. Hmmmm these short interludes usually are great - I love them because normally we get a POV from someone else, an insight to something that was missing from the series but here I had nothing of the sort. It felt unnecessary. Maybe the introduction to Phen was alright but this could have been done in a quick flashback in the third book. It didn't merit Radiant. Angela is annoying as hell and Clara is only drowning in pity and brooding.
Aburrido pero me sirvio para entrar en "ambiente" ahora si al tercero
Another rating: 3/10Love issues wasn't what I expected...
Im hooked, what happens next?
Short but interesting POV.
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