Anti-Prom, The (2011)
Anti-Prom, The (2011)
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I'm reading all these reviews by these (very) generous people and as I read them I'm shaking my head with all the positive feedback. In my opinion this book was unrealistic and all over the place. There were so many road trips and character chapter switches I would forget which character's perspective I was viewing the story from (I love when stories are perceived like this though). I am a high school junior at the moment. Not a badass Jolene, a preppy Bliss, or a shy Meg; just a normal junior who is exhausted from ACT practice and confusion with boys like most girls where I live. I know how girls are and I don't see three girls from different cliques becoming BFFs and changing all their negative habits in literally one night.(Really a transformation miracle -_- for Meg? What's a cliche? Oh of course she runs right into Tristan, how fabulous!) Maybe I shouldn't be so uptight and understand that its a fun fiction novel, but I can't get over how, well I don't want to sugar coat it, stupid everything tied together and how ridiculous their magical fairy tale ending was. I usually look at all the positive things in the books I read but there were more cons than pros. Let's finish off on a good note though. I really liked the detail she put into some of the adventures. For example, when Meg was explaining to the Security Guard about the rare fish in the office building, I had an actual smile on my face :O whaaatttt no way! Also kinda enjoyed that cheesy diner scene but don't tell a soul. Overall was disappointed, 2.5 Stars): sorry Abby. Reading Getting Over Garret Delany right now though and can't stop thinking about it even though I'm only on Chapter 4! Can't wait to get further into it! This book was not at all what I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be a cute read about three girls going to their prom. There was very little time spent at the prom at the beginning of the book. The rest of the book was an adventure the three girls went on. Since all three girls are very different, you could probably find one to relate to. On the other hand, I would not recommend young adult girls to read this book. I felt like the revenge the girls were putting into place was inappropriate.I kept reading this book hoping that it would take a turn for the better. I was disappointed it never did. Getting revenge for a whole book, just isn't my choice of a good book.More reviews on Ope's
Actual rating: 3.5 starsAll I can say is, thank God for Jolene. She saved this book for me.
Very chick lit, but I needed after all the heavy reading. Good book about relationships.
Easy read with enjoyable characters. I found a part of me in each of them.
loved it!! :)
Amazing read!
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