Anxious Hearts (2010)
Anxious Hearts (2010)
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081098718X (ISBN13: 9780810987180)
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This isn't an actual full review. And I actually give this book a two. five. I liked the book but I definitely don't think it was the best. At the beginning I got confused because i felt as if the past and present where combined or just in two different places in the same time. But as I read into it, it got better. Basically they both where lost in each other through out the book until the end, but either way you don't know much about the characters themselves. To have been written by a man i think this book was done really well! How he had made the thoughts of this girl almost so precise of how one would think was amazing! I had to check the back of the book to make sure that the author was indeed a man. This book was absoulutely perfect!! 5 stars is a definate for this book, it is a must read!! My eyes couldn´t leave the pages of the book! It´s like they were magnets attracting and couldn´t repel! I could go on and on about this book because it was so great but that would take up too much room on this page! haha but then again i dont think that there are enough words to describe this books awesomeness! ;D read read!
Kind of weird. i didn't really connect with the book much....maybe I should have rated 2.5?
I love the description for this book and really want to read it :)
not really liking this book. It starts off a bit slow.
sometime i should read the poem that this is based on
I couldnt get into this book. :/
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