Anything Could Happen (2000)
Anything Could Happen (2000)
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0545709547 (ISBN13: 9780545709545)
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Oh goody! Another coming out story and it also helps that cover model used is a cutie. LOL. Anyway, I'm a sucker for LGBT romances so reading this ARC made me excited.Naturally, the main character is discovering his sexuality and develops a crush on his straight best friend and goes through the hysterical trials of discovering his sexuality. I loved the fact that the author had a great teen voice and described the awkwardness of the teenage years and all the trials and triumphs that the main character had to go through to discover who he is.A great read and highly recommended. Really sweet m/m YA I think perfectly fills a gap in the younger YA side. Not that there aren't great gay YAs appropriate for the younger set, but the ones that come to mind for me immediately are all romances. So often at that age, it's about coming into your own and the trickiness of unrequited love that comes with having such a strong connection to someone, but with the fundamental and (usually) impassable barrier of conflicting sexual orientations in the way, and I think ACH nails that while still being a feel-good, hopeful story full of promise. Bonus points for major teen realism regarding parental involvement in your social life at that age, especially driving to dates; there's definitely no absent parent (or grandparent) syndrome in this book, and though Matt's dads are definitely the shining parentals here, all the family members are nicely done.
Y'all don't understand. I need this. I. NEED. THIS.
Quick, enjoyable, and full of important truths.
I really enjoyed this book! Full review soon
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