Aquel Verano (2014)
Aquel verano (2014)
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La Cúpula
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Well, call me a prude, but I advise an abundance of caution with this book. The subject matter is way too mature in my opinion. I know the Caldecott criteria includes picture books for children up to the age of 14, but there is no way I would want my 14 year old self or even my kid to be reading this. Lots of language and various discussions of sex and unplanned pregnancies, parental fights, sneaking horror movies and then having nightmares about them, observing an attempted suicide, and drunken parties… the list could go on. I understand I had a wonderful sheltered childhood but even when kids are going through life that looks like this, would they really want to be reading it in a book? I like to look for redemptive qualities even in books that I don’t particularly love, and here I did not find one. This book left me depressed.See my full review at My family went to the beach every summer when I was growing up and this book really captures that feeling of those vacations. I think the setting is the best part of this graphic novel, the art depicts the summer beach so well (my summer vacations were at the ocean in California and I know it's a lake in this book, but I think there's enough similarity for it to work for me). I thought the story was very touching and sad, but as other reviewers have noted, it doesn't break new ground.
This book was weird and not what I was expecting.... It's just weird...
Loved it.
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