Archangel's Storm (2012)
Archangel's Storm (2012)
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I think I actually enjoy Nalini Singh's angelic world building more than I enjoy the books themselves. I didn't get bored with this one like I did in Archangel's Blade, but it still didn't exactly have me on the edge of my seat.This one is all 'bout that Jason ('bout that Jason - no Ilium... Sorry, not sure why that happened. I can't even say I've been drinking), Raphael's tattooed spymaster from the previous books. Jason has a Tragic Past and as a result, he is incapable of love (and to be fair, it actually is pretty tragic, it's just this sort of I-had-such-a-hard-childhood-and-so-I-can-never-love-anyone hero is a dime a dozen). When Eris, the 300-years-missing consort of the archangel Neha, is found dead, Jason is summoned to Neha's court to find the murderer. In doing so, he is bound to Neha's hated niece, Mahiya, to insure his loyalty while he is there. Mahiya has lived her entire life being punished for her mother's and father's sins. Despite her brutal upbringing she has managed to keep her humanity and optimism and falls for Jason.I wasn't bored by this one but neither was I particularly fascinated. I was more interested in the court intrigues and goings-on in the background than I was in Mahiya and Jason themselves.One thing I love about this series is how far in advance Nalini Singh is plotting everything out. There are plot threads stretching from the very first book featuring Elena and Raphael and it's clear she's been planning these events from the beginning, rather than ret-conning or dealing with what she's got. I love it when authors do this. It makes me feel like the book and the readers matter to them rather than just trying to put out more and more books without any kind of care for the finished product just to make money. The downside to this is that I can't skip books to get to Ash and Janvier's book, since I've been looking forward to reading about the two of them since the beginning. Plus, the next one is back to Elena and Raphael so that's an upside too. So even though I was underwhelmed by Archangel's Blade and just sort of... whelmed by this one, I will continue to read this series. This isn't a series I'd buy, but I do enjoy it when the library gets a new book available. Set in the world of the Guild Hunters, Archangel’s Storm is about one of Raphael’s seven, Jason. Jason was a child that came from parents that loved him deeply, but had an abusive relationship. His father was jealous and possessive and in the end murdered his mother because of it. After he was found as a child, he couldn’t speak, and Raphael took him under his wing and began his recovery. Jason grew into an angel that was happy to stay hidden in the shadows, having perfected the skills over hundreds of years, but when he has to give a blood oath to find out just how mad one of the Cadre has become, he has to step into the spotlight and take his place in the court of angels alongside Neha’s stepdaughter Mahiya. Mahiya is a product of an affair and has been treated such her whole life. She may be a princess in title, but is treated with distain by her father and step-mother. She wants nothing more than to escape her home where she is waiting for death by Neha, when her father is brutally murdered and she must make a blood oath to a foreign angel to put off her execution for a little while longer. Mahiya has secrets and trusts no one, until Jason manages to work his way into her heart. They must solve the murder of her father’s death and find out who is killing innocent angels in Neha’s home before they both end up dead or worse, in love. I have always been an avid reader and crazy fan of Nalini Singh. I liked this book, but I didn’t love it like I did Archangel’s Blade. The story building was phenomenal. The set up for the murder and the intricate weaving of mystery into the plot line was what kept me reading. There was a nice twist in the story and it could have just been me being so dense to the reality of whom the killer was that I didn’t see it coming at all. Which was a nice change of pace since endings can sometimes be terribly predictable. Where it fell flat for me was in the chemistry between Jason and Mihiya. It was very slow building and not fiery passion which I have come to expect from Guild Hunter and Psy-changling books. I think that it could be that is just the way Jason works. He would not be in character if he fell madly head over heels in love and stood at the top of Archangel Tower declaring his love for all to hear. However, it was mildly sweet and in the end they got the HEA.My favorite part of this book was the continuation of Dimitri and Honors story. We got to see the painstaking process of a turning through Dimitri’s eyes. I loved revisiting these two and seeing how strong their love is. We also got a small cameo by Elena and Raphael and learned a little more about his mother awakening. Overall this book was a necessary part to the Guild Hunter collection. I was happy with it, but not giddy in love like I was with the last few books. However, I do still recommend this book to fellow Guild Hunter readers and anyone that enjoys Nalini Singh’s books. She definitely takes the cake when it comes to world building and sucking you in to a good story line.
I shouldn't say it cuz clearly I'm reading Jason's book but damn I love Dmitri more and more!!
Another good story in the series. Love seeing Jason meet his mate.
Absolutely love it..Nalini Singh always deliver..
Read it in one day ,didn't want to put it down.
Jason and hot!
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