Arctic Winds (2011)
Arctic Winds (2011)
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1616502274 (ISBN13: 9781616502270)
Lyrical Press, Inc
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3+Very sweet (god what everything should be cute nowadays)Verrrry short and sweet as I said, and even a bit hot here and there of course ;PHe was a handsome and sexy alpha wolf with much love to give, and she was a lonely beautiful fox (though she might be a little lame at times for my taste, I like when they are little more backbone them)They fit perfectly with each other.Could have been a little more drama, like ... triangle drama (it is hot, but only if they are two guys on one girl, is it the opposite I just get a bad feeling in the belly for it most XD)But we did have a liiiittle triangle drama, but it lasted almost not even half a chapter?Yeah yeah, anyway, it was cute and fully worth the read :D This is a really adorable romance about a shifter fox that ends up in a wolf pack and falls in love. If you read the Sookie Stackhouse stories or any number of other paranormal stories, then you can just view this short story as a side story in that canon world. There isn't a lot of backstory into the world given, but it's not really necessary if you read these kind of books frequently. I felt like I could have easily been reading a short story about some random side characters in the Sookie verse. It was a really great, enjoyable story. The romance, love, and attraction between the leads was great. All of the characters were very likable. In general although somewhat detailed, the sex was not all that very graphic and was very vanilla. In short this was a really sweet romantic read. If you like paranormal romance and shifter stories, you will like it. It's only four stars instead of five from me because it is so short, but sometimes it's fun to just read a quick happy book.
2.5Not much to the story unfortunately. It had so much potential. Almost felt rushed.
One actually 2...and its....."Whatever"
Liked the story, was a good read.
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