As Quatro Últimas Coisas (2011)
As Quatro Últimas Coisas (2011)
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Paul Hoffman was either obliged to eat the bible or beaten around with it when he was young, if you ask me. The Last Four Things is immersed with references to it (and cloisters and belief). A lot more so than the first part.I still liked it, but the story has gotten more morose (yes, that's possible). A substantial part of it is dedicated to warfare and religious doctrine and persecution. The interesting characters play a smaller part. Pity. :( I was really excited about reading the second book in the trilogy, but I was disappointed, it wasn’t like the first book. The Left Hand of God made me want to know what it coming next and made me in a cliffhanger. But in this book I got bored when I reached 72 pages. And every time I open the book I don’t feel that I want to finish the book and I feel that I’m going to be in a reading slump. And even the characters lost my interest in this book. So that means that I’m not going to finish the book to finish the trilogy.
Even better than the first, if that's possible. I can hardly wait to read the finale.
El principio del libro es un poco lento. Espero poder pillarle el ritmo
Tão mauzinho que até me tirou a vontade de ler o último.
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