Attack On Titan 11 (2013)
Attack on Titan 11 (2013)
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Kodansha Comics
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All in all, a decent volume of Attack on Titan. The art and plotting probably only deserve a three star rating, but I'm just feeling giddy.Not only did Isayama not mess everything up, but we even got to see a little bit of Levi and Erwin again! Honestly, hadn't seen those guys since the battle for Stohess (as in- since the anime finished and I started the manga). Based on the last few volumes, I had thought Connie was shaping up to be our new protagonist. This was another solid volume that continuing on from the last had a good balance of action with exploring the mysteries and intrigues of this series which some how continue to deepen. The first two chapters gives us the fight between the recently revealed colossus titan and armored titan, and Eren's titan and the 104th. It ends with a truly fantastic climax. The rest of the volume frustratingly gives us more tidbits towards revelation but only really adds more questions to the growing list of 'tell us what the hell is even happening!'
Really liked the fight scenes. Four stars for the lack of dialogue throughout. But still great.
There was a lot of drama in this. and confusion.
All these plot twists what the fuck no
I want more... NOW!
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