Aufzeichnungen Aus Birma (2007)
Aufzeichnungen Aus Birma (2007)
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I really like the drawing style, so minimalistic, so cute, yet so full of small details. And I love the slightly ironic way of the mono- and dialogues, and I like the way the book consists of little events and pieces and not of a single one long story. This all makes it so realistic. Since I'm going to go to Myanmar in some months as well, I got a little insight into the country (which by now might be a little outdated, as it's already 7 or so years old). What interests me most in descriptions of foreign countries aren't the adventures of someone or the sights or the history of that particular country, but how everyday life works, either for locals or for a foreigner living there. So this is also why I really liked this book a lot! And I also recognized a lot of things from the year I spent in China or the time I've been to Thailand and Laos. My favorite of Delisle's 'Asian triad'. It was nice to see his family involved, and he's able to dig deeper into society than North Korea or China due to the (very relatively) openness of Myanmar/Burma. The people are more willing to talk about what's really going on, and show their real fear of reprisals. In North Korea, even showing fear is a sign of guilt -- I never saw it in his NK stories.In Burma, Delisle visits many areas of the country and digs into its political and religious roots. He tries all kinds of odd foods, observes interesting cultural spectacles, and follows ongoing struggles of NGO and other philanthropic groups as the government clamps down on the ability to move throughout the country and prevents their citizens from receiving the most basic access to health care or education. He keeps it light but it was hard to walk away from this without a deep feeling of sadness for the friends he made and their dire future.
Not his best - the Pyongyang book was pretty great, and I recommend that one.
It was between 3 and 4. If I could I'd give it a 3.5.
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