Back To Work: Why We Need Smart Government For A Strong Economy (2011)
Back to Work: Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy (2011)
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President Clinton, we get it. The economy performed miracles under your Presidency and was lousy following it. Also, you are a real smart guy that knows a lot of facts and has some great ideas on how to fix the economy that W. broke because he didn't follow your lead. However, you apparently can't get a good editor. I can imagine Back to Work as an off-the-cuff speech from Bill. There is a lot of good information in the book, it just didn't read well for me. I recently read Elizabeth Warren's book and Robert Reich's Aftershock and feel wacked in the head about the dangers of income inequality and deregulation. So, maybe if I had read Bill first, I'd rave on more favorably.I can also admit that I'm a bit jaded and don't think it's realistic for his prescriptions to pass in this current Congress. I have always been a fan of Bill Clinton and after reading reviews of this book I had to pick it up. I really enjoyed reading a book that not only outlined specific problems and explained them, but one that offered up possible solutions that are both fair and actually possible. The one negative i have to say about this book was that there were too many footnotes and it took away from the rest of the book. otherwise, this is a great read for anyone who likes politics!
Very clear information about how to improve The government and the economic system Of USA
It seemed alright...I couldn't/didn't want to finish it though...
I think he sprained his arm patting himself on the back
Heard it, done it.
Very Informitive
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