Bad Kitty Will Nicht Baden (2008)
Bad Kitty will nicht baden (2008)
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This is a great book to have early readers read to fall in love with reading. The pictures give plenty of clues to help readers out and the pages are not too full of words that will overwhelm the reader. Throughout Bad Kitty Gets a Bath, the reader is shown how difficult giving a bath to a cat would be. The author makes sure the reader knows from the beginning that CATS HATE BATHS. This is a great read for cat lovers or someone looking for a hilarious and quick read. It is time for Bad Kitty to get a bath. Normally Kitty keeps herself clean, but every once in a while she just needs some extra help. As Kitty's owner prepares for this event, readers get tips on how to bathe a cat.This was hilarious. Anyone who has ever owned cats will quickly see that Bruel obviously knows cats. This had me laughing out loud several times. I liked how he mixed in actual facts about cats into the story. I know this is marketed as an easy chapter book for the beginning reader crowd, but really, this can be given to anyone who has a cat or likes cats or just needs a good laugh. The humor should appeal to a wide variety of ages.Notes on content: No language issues. No sexual content. There are warnings about possible injuries that could be incurred when giving a cat a bath.
Hilarious and engaging for children and the adults who read with them.
Very enjoyable and funny ... even as an adult.
Clever and adorable and instructive.
It was great!
It is funny
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