BakeWise: The Hows And Whys Of Successful Baking With Over 200 Magnificent Recipes (2003)
BakeWise: The Hows and Whys of Successful Baking with Over 200 Magnificent Recipes (2003)
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This is one of my two go-to baking science books. A great component here is that the author interviewed a good handful of chefs to get their "secrets." For instance, I love the section on making meringue. Shirley explains the differences between French, Swiss, and Italian meringue, including recipes for each. She shared Roland Mesnier's (White House pastry chef to 5 presidents) secret to a good seal between the meringue and the pie filling. She also elaborated on the use of starch in meringue, such as cornstarch in Bill Greenwood's lemon meringue pie. I gave it four stars because two of the author's own recipes were very, very sweet (compared to similar recipes I've made). I admit that I bought this book mainly for the science and had no strong intention of ever making any of the recipes. But now I've read the book and am feeling tempted by a few. Which is why I really wish there were more photos. I'm not familiar with many of the baked goods the author includes, and pictures of the final products would help immensely. When she talks about her Double-Icing Technique for ganache, I want a photo to see just how smooth she can get it—are the results worth the effort? I also could've done with a diagram or two at key points, such as when she's describing how to slash baguettes.That said, the science part promises to be really useful for future reference. Corriher talks about the various ingredients in each chapter, even if it means repeating herself, so that the reader will have the information they need near the recipe they're using. I found that a bit annoying as I read the book from cover to cover, but in the future, when I'm actually using the book, I'm sure I'll appreciate that part. And she has discussed the ingredients so thoroughly that I think I'll be able to use this to fix other recipes in my collection, not just make hers.
Wonderful breakdown of the hows and whys behind baking basics.
I heart shirley corriher I can't wait to read this
Great cookbook
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