Balla Sogna Ama (2012)
Balla sogna ama (2012)
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885413516X (ISBN13: 9788854135161)
Newton Compton Editore
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I was going to give this book 3 stars, but I think it worth 4 stars. I like this book. At first it was pretty flat for me, no surprises or twists. But I do notice that her writing style is nice. I can read them effortlessly even though English is not my mother language. I seriously think that this is an autobiography of the writer (or biography of her sister) based on what I read on the acknowledgment. But either way, it's a light reading that's very informative for me.2 things that I seriously love about this book: the ending and the cover of the book. I've never seen a ballet. I know a couple of people who are dancers, or who used to be dancers, but I never saw them dance. But I read A Farewell To Arms despite never having been in the military, and I read The Damned Utd despite having never been a big football fan, and I read Atlas Shrugged despite not being completely full of shit. It's like any other kind of literature: it's a glimpse into a world that is alien to you, written in a way that makes it feel familiar.It's kind of obvious that this is a first novel. That isn't an insult; there's kind of a rawness to inexperienced authors that I love that is often traded for the higher technical ability of the experienced writer. It's a personal narrative. The conflict and the drama come from within, rather than from without. There are places where you think something is going to become the major point of the book -- unintended pregnancy from spontaneous sex with boyfriend? Eating disorder that takes over? Rich kid decides all his expensive gifts entitle him to take her back to his apartment whether she likes it or not? -- but the novel never takes the cheap way out by following any of these. This does mean that a few times it feels like the author is setting up plot points that never pay off, but that's another one of those things that add to the first-time author charm for me.Bunheads is a light read. You can tear through it fairly quickly. The language isn't complex, which is completely narratively justified by the narrator being a young woman who, by her own admission, is not particularly well-read.Very much a case of an author doing a write-what-you-know and doing it well, judging by her biography - as much as it is a novel, it reads like a justification for herself to assess the direction she chose to go in life when she transitioned away from ballet and into creative writing.
I'll come back to this. There's nothing wrong with the story, just a little slow.
I thought this book was really good, it was a neat view and I love ballet!
This is my favorite book!
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