Barely Bewitched (2009)
Barely Bewitched (2009)
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0425229610 (ISBN13: 9780425229613)
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Oh, if you like sexual tension, little creatures stabbing you with their little spears, a male biker witch hell bent on setting fires, a whole town gone whacko on fairy dust, and a very naughty little demon child.......whew! THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! Warning: this book may cause you to forget to feed the kids, miss your soaps, and even lose sleep at night; all because you are completely unable to pry your fingers from the book with a crowbar. This is the second book in the "Southern Witch" series. However, you don't necessarily need to read the first one before this. It does very well as a stand alone read. You WILL WANT to read the first one eventually, because Kimberly Frost delivers the entire package. It carries a PG rating, so there are no raunchy parts (but that doesn't mean you can't imagine them in your head). There is murder, mayhem, and sexy men.... a sort of wannabe love triangle between Tammy, her ex-husband, and a very wealthy male witch who is her partner in crime.What really are the marshmallows in "Barely Bewitched"'s rice crispy bars has to be all the hilarious goings on weaved throughout the book. I refuse to spoil them by telling you what happens. Just trust me on this one. There are many. I want to read it again!!*I was honoured to be a "First Reads" recipient of Kimberly Frost's paperback book to be able to read, fully enjoy, and give my honest review. Thank you Ms. Frost, Penguin, and Goodreads for allowing me to own an autographed copy of "Barely Bewitched". I love this and will buy the rest of the books in the series as they become available. Just when you think Tammy Jo can't get into any more trouble, she does! What a fun series! Kimberly Frost does a plain good job writing!All the characters are wonderful. Tammy Jo is just the right amount of funny and she can sure win you over with all her desserts. Bryn can win your heart over in an instant and still make you question what his motives are. And how can you go wrong with a super cat that defends you and can understand what you are saying!If you are in the mood for a feel good funny series, which I was, this is the series for you. How can you go wrong with Texas sized magic, Texas sized cats, and Texas men?
Extremely Enjoyable, looking forward to the next book in the series!
Received in Giveaway. Interesting - fast paced. Good read.
I truly enjoyed the book I laughed through out
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