Bear And Bee (2013)
Bear and Bee (2013)
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I love Bear and Bee. I picked this up because the Steads recently interviewed Sergio Ruzzier on their blog. So I checked out several of his books. This is a very simple book - bear wakes up from his long winter sleep and he is hungry! So he goes off to find some honey and meets bee. Only - bear has never seen a bee before. He has only heard about them. But what he has heard is not necessarily true. We all enjoyed this one. It's a good read aloud for spring or for honey or for friendship. Bees - or people - are not necessarily always what we expect them to be. Bear and bee the text is key in understand this storybook. You could say the illustration are enough, for a child to imagine what its about. However the text provides a lot of commentary, explain what is taking place. The Bear doesn’t realize he is talking to a Bee, which he thinks he is afraid of bees. Later Bear learns everything he though was a bee, described a bear. In the end they are friends and Bear learns bees are nice. This book has colorful illustration and room for imagination in a young child’s eyes. I would read to kindergarteners or first graders. I would have them think of things they are scared of and describe them. After we would to research and learn about scary things to lessen their fear. For example spiders or bats. The book may be read individually as well, which can be found in the classroom or school library. Great for students practicing their reading.
There is one page spread in here that had me laughing uncontrollably. :)
"I'M A BEE!"EDIT: I read this in storytime, and it was great!
Sweet story about preconceived ideas and kindness.
This has a very Geisel Award quality to it.
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