Beaten (2011)
Beaten (2011)
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0761361642 (ISBN13: 9780761361640)
Darby Creek Pub
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Keah is co-captain on the cheerleading squad and makes good grades. She has a crush on this boy named Ty and when they are finally together everything is perfect. When Keah finds out Ty has problems at home she wants to help him through it and lets him completely take over her life. When Ty starts to get more angry he starts to get physical with Keah. She blames it on herself and still chooses to be with him. One day he went to far and she ended up in the hospital and he was pressed with charges. She then relizes that she can't be with him because everytime he gets angry she would be afraid. She then learns her lesson that any man she is with should not lay a hand on her. I don't want my two stars to deter anyone form this book because I am rating it on the fact I don't think it should be classified as a book but instead as a novella. The book is very short, only 98 pages and it drops us into the action without much chance to get to know the characters. Due to this I felt that they were shallow and trite. Relying heavy on stereo types of high school kids and kids from broken homes. I never got a chance to like the MC Paige, or feel sorry for her and her relationship. Which is awful because she is in a volatile relationship and I don't really care. The protag. Ty has an alcoholic father but we don't really get a chance to see why he may be the way he is. I would love to summarize the story but I already feel as if the story is a summary. Head cheerleader falls for star ftball player. He comes from troubled past and ends up beating her up after a big loss. Although I had to admit Paige was annoying I didn't think there was enough build up for the altercation. I understand it may be accurate for real life but as a reader I wanted a little more. But I would still encourage it to be read. It was from Scholastic books so its intended audience will probably like it. On a side note the book blurb on the back of the book names the main character as Keah Robinson but the character in the book is named Paige. I thought that was a strange oversight.
so far its a great book i am on p.27 chapter such a good fantistic book i love italot of action
Note to Self: Super Quick Read! Liked it but I just wish it was a little longer..
This book was awesome!!!!
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