Beautifully Done (2014)
Beautifully Done (2014)
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I love Asher. I was so happy he was getting his own book and was sure it would be with Kate. I was shocked! For some reason though I didn't warm to Talia very easily. I kept loving Asher and his love for her but I just didn't feel it for Tals. Glad to have more Chase and Lili, seriously love those two! The epilogue....why oh why did that have to happen! Had he not been through enough?! Made me cry. I rated Beautifully Done with 4 leaves. This story has different main characters as the first novel. We do get to see the characters from the first story and there are some spoilers so read Beautifully Awake first! Asher and Talia are the characters in this story. Asher is a complete bachelor who doesn't do relationships. Settling down is not his cup of tea. Talia is a successful doctor who would like to be in a relationship but just hasn't found the right guy. They have a strong past because they were best friends years ago. Talia walked away after high school and didn't look back. Now, Talia is back and they are trying to figure things out. I had trouble with how quickly Talia was brought back into the mix. I felt like I didn't get enough background information on their situation.Talia has been holding a big secret for all these years. Will she eventually let Asher in enough to tell him? Asher has been closed off. Will Talia be the girl to open him up? Check this book out as soon as you finished Beautifully Done. A gifted copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review by Lo.
Beautifully written... absolutely loved it!
Simply a fantastic story!
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