Beauty Dates The Beast (2011)
Beauty Dates the Beast (2011)
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1439188238 (ISBN13: 9781439188231)
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I was looking for something funny & light and the premise of this one looked sooo promising: A dating service for supernatural creatures. Unfortunately the story didn't live up to my hopes. It was light, sure. But funny, not so much after the first chapter. The biggest problem though was that it dropped the dating service angle within a couple of chapters and became another shifter story with a human girl caught between warring factions. I've read a boat load of those -- all done with more edge & suspense. Not my favorite book this year. The main characters name is awful and I felt stupid thinking it over and over. If your going to give your main character a name like Bathsheba at least give her a cute nick name and make everyone call her it. Instead we get Bath and everyone calls her Bathsheba anyway. Its an archaic name. I also think the whole thing about her needing to protect her werewolf sister when she's a human didn't make a whole lot of since. This book had a flimsy plot from the beginning and is exactly what I normally don't like about serial Paranormal Romance books that have different main characters each time. Oh, and it's not really a funny. Also the bad guys are pretty much creepy from the beginning and give themselves away so there isn't any big reveal at the end.
4.5Awwwwwww me encanto el libro, fue realmente genial ♥
THis is so great. I can't wait to read the next one!
A bit fluffy at times, but quick, funny, and sexy :)
4.5 stars
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