Beck (2000)
Beck (2000)
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What can I say about Dee and Beck??? Their story was tragically beautiful. Between all the laughing and crying I just couldn't put this book down. But I have to say Harper Sloan you broke my heart at the end of this book with the death of a beautiful funny soul I was hoping would find his Happily Ever After! I did more crying reading this book than the others, but death is a part of life we all eventually must deal with. You Harper Sloan rock and write amazing books that can make me laugh and cry, so keep up the good work! Dee and Beck's story was great. Dee was loyal and a very good friend. What Dee was really feeling and dealing with was not what everyone saw. But Beck saw right through her and was always there for her. All the men in her life left her scarred and she did not trust men. Everyone thought she was playing games with Beck but he knew she was struggling and he did not give up on her. He was willing to wait for her to open up to him so he could show her how much he loved her. But will she let her walls down and let him in? Will she accept his love and give him her love? Beck was sweet, loving and all Alpha male Hotness. This book was very emotional in some parts which I did not it see coming! It was so sad. OMG...I could not believe it.
Fanbloodytastic! Was happy, v sad and excited for Asher!
another easy read,mostly obvious but still good
so so so so good!
4 stars
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