Bedroom Games (2000)
Bedroom Games (2000)
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Brodie pissed me off on book 2 because how he behaved and being a heartless brother to Katy, but this book proves that Brodie is just playing games, no hard feelings or sort of. And I'm not gonna say that I'm a fan of Kandis. I mean, despite how desperate she really wants to win, she's just playing safe. Not admire how she plays the games, but gotta admire she still decides what's best for someone she loves despite her hurt feelings. The latest Games Series sees the return of Brodie (and Katy and Liam) in a show that I guess is like the Real World (though I never watched it, so I'm not sure).I will grudgingly admit that the author did a good job turning my opinion of Brodie around. As Kandis points out in the book he's still a self-serving ass, but you kind of have to love him. He's charming and cute and their banter is thoroughly enjoyable, even though I still WANT to hate him, I just can't. I liked the way the story wrapped up; like Brodie, I certainly realized there was no way Kandis was going to win with the way the last several people left the house (which left me wondering at her intelligence and strategy a bit, because she seemed totally oblivious the the fact that she would lose to either Brodie or Jendan). It was quite a risk on Brodie's part though, especially since he didn't give Kandis any reason (via a heads up) to vote for him I kind of thought it was going to go the way of the very first book where Kandis would cost Brodie the win.
There is something about Brodie that I love so much despite being a horn-dog!
I love Brodie & this book did not disappoint!!
I'm so glad Brodie got a book. Loved him!
Fun series. Can't wait for the next one!
3.5 stars
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