Bedtime And Naptime, And Bedtime And Naptime: The Simple Joys Of A Mom's Life (2011)
Bedtime and Naptime, and Bedtime and Naptime: The Simple Joys of a Mom's Life (2011)
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1609080106 (ISBN13: 9781609080105)
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This was a quick read. I was a little hesitant to read it because the title "Bedtime and Naptime" makes me think of just enduring being a mother. The book was not at all like that. It truly brought out the joys of being a mom and the happiness that comes with being with your kids. It made me grateful for the little blessings I have and remember the joy that they are.p.s. Thanks, Kimberly, for letting me read it while I was at your house the other day. :) I liked this short, inspirational read. I especially appreciated the quote about that through all eternity we will know our children as adults, so it's God's gift to us that we get to know them as children in this life. The recipes sound easy and yummy too. I also liked the CD that was included. Her parodies were really funny! I would rate the book 3 stars, but since there is also a CD, it deserves 3.5, so I'll just round up to 4. :)
Cute, funny, fast. Yummy recipes and hilarious music CD are a bonus.
I loved the book and the CD with it. Absolutely fabulous!
Cute. For moms who don't think they matter.
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