Before I Say Goodbye (2011)
Before I Say Goodbye (2011)
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Another book my Mrs Nunes that held me captive. I had pretty much figured out what was going on from the get go, but I liked that the book took its time unfolding the story. Nobody was perfect yet everybody did their best. The story took the view points of four of the main characters and kept switching them around. The gospel was present but not pushed on anybody. No swearing, no sex and no violence. Very well written. I loved how she wrote it using five different voices; three adults and two teenage kids, one from each family. I could not put it down, but I must warn before anyone starts reading it they must have tissues handy. You will cry.What I thought about as I read it: Two people can have a similar upbringing but their lives turn out completely different because of choices they make. It is never too late to start making better choices. The love of friends. No matter how well we are doing, we can always do better.
This was a pretty good book in spite of me figuring out most of what was going to happen early on.
I enjoyed this book. Very touching subject about non judgement and unconditional love.
tearjerker...couldn't put it down. it totally deserved the Whitney award!
Cute story, but not very well written and extremely predictable.
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