Behind His Eyes - Consequences (2014)
Behind His Eyes - Consequences (2014)
4.35 of 5 Votes: 5
0988489198 (ISBN13: 9780988489196)
Romig Works
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Really, I can only give 5 stars?!?! The Consequences series is one that shall never be forgotten. I read the entire series as a marathon and am not afraid to admit, that I am now continually worried about disappointing everyone...the mailman, the cashier at the grocery, my best friend...yup, everyone. I will always be on "Team Tony" although my convictions may have wavered at times, I still love Tony. And, more than once, I actually thought of Claire as being lucky...Now, that's messed up Ms. Romig, but that's what you accomplished with this series. Kudos Every action has consequences...even for Tony. That's what I mostly got out if this book. I won't lie, it was a tough read for me. I couldn't put Consequences down when I read it. But getting into Tony's head and hearing his side of things didn't endear him to me in this book. I did get the sense that her captor became captivated by Claire. But as the story went on nothing was ever Tony's fault. In reality EVERYTHING was Tony's fault and being in his head while he rationalized his actions kinda gave me a headache. That being said, the story was true to form. I will continue to read the behind his eyes series as I already know the outcome. Hopefully Tony's thoughts won't drive me as crazy the next time around.
Cleared up some questions from Consequences, but I feel it's still overreaction.
Great flipside, not repetitive at all. I loved seeing through Tony's eyes!
Good read.... Just started liking tony now indisluke him again.
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