Believe In What You're Doing; Believe In Who You Are (2008)
Believe in What You're Doing; Believe in Who You Are (2008)
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1590389204 (ISBN13: 9781590389201)
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I normally finish a book before I start a new one, but I happened to order this one and it came on a day that I must have needed it! Instead of saving it until I was done with the current read, I picked it up and started flipping through it while my baby was napping. Before I knew it I was half-way finished :) It was a quick read - only took me about 45 minutes, but gave me a few insights about things I had recently been pondering and stewing over. Worth the time, definitely! I'm not going to lie, I've had one of those days where I want to curl and pretend I'm not a wife or mother. One of those days where everything I do and say is wrong. And I think honestly, can I be more of a screw-up? So, this book has been sitting on my desk to read for the last week and I've barely glanced at it until today. I just thumbed through it for a second waiting for my husband to decide where he wants to go for lunch (because his ridiculously unorganized wife hasn't been grocery shopping yet) and I came across her song "who are you" in the introduction. I started sobbing...(thank goodness it wasn't the ugly cry) I'm pretty sure Travis thinks I should be medicated. But, certain books speak to you at certain times. I needed this today. It's nice to be reminded that what you do really matters.
Hilary's book is an uplifting and encouraging read.
I heart uplifting little books! Thanks Hillary.
Just a quick and fun uplifting book.
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