Belleza Cruel (2014)
Belleza cruel (2014)
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It starts out kinda slow, but once you get about a quarter of the way through, it gets so amazing and beautiful. I loved this book so much. I read it checked out from the library on my kindle, but I'm going to have to buy a paper copy to take to college with me.There is a love triangle - sort of. (That will make sense once you've read the book.)My heart broke for Nyx as she tried to solve the riddle she was set, and rejoiced for her when she won her handfuls of kindness.My only complaint would be that once she returned to her childhood and home, the story seemed to wrap up too quickly. I would have appreciated dwelling on her sense of loss and wrongness a bit more, because she lived an entire life with that, and we only saw two days.But I loved the ending."We'll pretend we know how to love. And someday we'll learn." More like a 4.5I loved loved loved LOVED cruel beauty! Even though I kinda guessed what happened I WAS STILL SHOCKED!! I just wish I understood the ending better :( it was kind of confusing..BUT IGNIFEX HSJSUSBAAJDJSISABest. Male. Lead. Ever. I wish there were more scenes with him though cuz I felt like he was a different person in the end. Seriously I just finished this book minutes ago but i already miss Ignifex so much
This is an excellent book. If you love romance this is a perfect one for you.
Love the fact that it's only one book. Definitely one of my favorites.
i adored this story. it was dark and almost whimsical. so lovely.
Paperback 4/7/15
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