Below Zero (2009)
Below Zero (2009)
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0399155759 (ISBN13: 9780399155758)
Putnam Adult
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Another awesome and gritty tale in Box's Joe Pickett series. I believe this is #9 and the author shows no signs of lagging in his diligence to take the reader on a thrilling ride through the wilds of Montana...and the heart of a family. This series is not for the feint of heart or the squeamish. But the most difficult scenes to read are not arbitrary. Everything has it's purpose to advance the plot and, on occasion, educate the reader to the controversies of the contemporary west. I would never put a reader off a particular book, but I would advise starting this series at the beginning with Open Season. By the time you reach Below Zero, Joe Pickett is chasing down a dying Chicago bad guy, and his seriously screwed up son, with a warped idea about how he can clean the slate before he dies. But Joe is also urgently searching for a young girl who may...or may not be the adopted daughter whose death years--and books--ago left an aching hole in the hearts of Joe's family.Of course the elusive and mysterious Nate Romanowski has Joe's back when things turn ugly, which only makes the whole experience richer. But first Joe has to hike into Nate's remote lair where he's hiding out from the feds. The title doesn't refer to the cold, but it certainly could refer to the hearts of these 'bad guys'. Readers can count on Joe catching up with them, but as always, we have no guarantee that there won't be collateral damage. That's the catch with Box's series: there are no promises. But I'll make a promise--if you can take it, you'll love these books! Six years after April Keely, the Picketts' foster daughter, is killed in a shootout between federal agents and violent survivalists, their daughter Sheridan receives a series of texts purporting to be from April. Joe and Mary Beth are ultimately convinced that the texter is April, so he asks the governor for personal leave to find her. This was a suspenseful tale, and although there was the trademark environmental issue, the story revolved more around the search for April. I wasn't surprised by the ending, however. I must add that I loved Mary Beth's manipulation of her mother at the end of the story.
Joe Pickett takes a leave of absence and runs into more trouble. An enjoyable read.
Another novel that flew through my hometown without stopping. This made me smile.
Not my favorite of the Joe Pickett novels. A quick read, but only ok.
Another winner by C.J. Box
I love C.J. Box's books!
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