Überlebensgroß (2012)
Überlebensgroß (2012)
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Having seen Mark Watson's comedy I was keen to read this book, the first of his novels I have purchased. A surprisingly challenging read, I'm not sure if saying I enjoyed it is appropriate given the issues tackled but enjoy it, I did.Like other reviewers I felt the ending was rather unnecessary, however the rest of the writing delighted me with its unflinching look at relationships, how people present themselves to the world at large whilst battling with their true selves and the passage of time. There was one section in particular, centering on the protagonist's father, where Watson's turn of phrase was so beautiful it moved me to tears. I will definitely be seeking out other work by him. After reading a million books about events, it's nice to read a book about people. And what a book! I found the characters very believable and endearing. The story captivated me in a way not many books do.Now the SPOILERS. If you haven't read it, DON'T read on. From early in the book, there are definite signs that Dominic has feelings for his sister Victoria that go beyond brotherly love and that eventually lead to an extreme you can guess. Other reviewers seem to take this as the defining point of the book and the only thing worth mentioning, going as far as saying they wouldn't have read the book, had they known. If that were the case they would have missed out on a book that both warmed and wrenched my heart.
I found that this was most moving and also hilarious and was rather pleasantly surprised by that!
I didn't/couldn't finish it. I wasn't interested in any of the characters.
Enjoyed, plot twist unexpected. Not sure what I think though
Don't buy it for your sister.
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