Besiegt (2012)
Besiegt (2012)
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Conall might act like a big teddy bear, but Miki knows better. That man is all kinds of trouble and she’s steering clear no matter what her friends think or say. Miki is the first person who has ever really seen through Conall’s “sweet” exterior. It isn’t that he isn’t a nice enough guy – he is, well, so long as he keeps his wolf on a very, very tight leash. Maybe it’s no surprise she can see more than others since he can’t seem to keep his wolf at bay when she’s around. When Miki is attacked though, Conall will do anything to keep her safe – even if she did drug him to get away from him. He’s beginning to think he might love the crazy bitch. Miki, on the other hand, would rather tell Conall to “go fetch”. Shelly Laurenston has yet to disappoint me. Her books are funny, her women are strong and her men are alpha and hot. Her books are always a wonderful mix of hot and funny. I love how the friends interact and speak with each other. It's realistic and humorous. Watching Conall fall for Miki was a highlight. Seeing her through his eyes was a wondrous thing. I also liked catching up with Irene and Niles/Van which was unexpected.
Ich liebe diese ganzen Gestaltenwandlerreihen von ihr! ♥♥♥
I am loving this series! I am also starting to like mean people.
Another re-read :)
Seriously funny.
Love it...
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