Beyond The Consequences (2000)
Beyond the Consequences (2000)
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I absolutely love the consequences series so much. Every book was fantastic. to me some of the dark romance novels are from your vision. The characters are real, I cry, laugh, get frustrated, and sigh with the characters. I would like Marie ' s story, how she became the person she ended up being. I imagine a tough life for her. I really didnt like how Ms. Romig left things with Phil & TayorI look forward to Duplicity and I will keep my fingers crossed that maybe Ms. Romig will tell Nichol's and Nate's story. It would be interesting how Tony and Claire are as parents. Especially, to see Anthony's parenting rules and consequences. I am sure they will not disapoint. Again thank you for a fanstatic read Im not sure how to review this book or this series, other than to say that its in my top 5 favorite series! I am a true bookwhore, so that is saying something. I absolutely adore Aleatha and I was fortunate enough to have met her in Chicago at an author signing. How that sweet smile and personality can write a mind fuck series like this is beyond me and I'd give anything to be able to sit down with her, one on one and pick her brain. This Series was EVERYTHING and thensome of what youd want out of a book. The absolute hate to love (with every fiber of your being) Tony is total epic-ness. Never will you tee totally despise a character like you will Mr. Anthony Rawlings. NEVER. Then in a few chapters, you'll begin to understand that hate. Further on down the line into book 3 you'll wonder why you ever hated the man. Claire is beyond any female character heroine you'll love and adore, yet wanna smack, than any other you'll ever read. All other characters you will wanna hunt down with a hunting knife, then in a blink of an eye, you'll wanna hug them and assure yourself they're on the "right side of the law." It was the most emotional mind fuck of a book I've ever read, you'll ever read and all I can say is.......I FUCKING LOVE ANTHONY RAWLINGS, from the bottom of my heart :) <3 Congrats Aleatha, you have a fan for life! <3P.S. I SUCK at reviews!
Lovely to hear more about Tony and Claire. Emily is a pain! Cute ending. Keep writing Aleatha
I love this series
3.5 stars
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