Beyond The Laughing Sky (2014)
Beyond the Laughing Sky (2014)
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This is about a boy hatched from an egg with a beak and feathers but sadly without wings. I liked this book because:1. It Dares the Reader to dream..."You said impossible," the widow would point out."There ain't no such thing. There's thing you've seen and there's thing you may not have, but there ain't nothing that's impossible, sugar."2. Celebrating with Cake...they baked cakes to welcome the first firefly of the season, and cakes to commiserate incurable hiccups. Cakes for well-shaped clouds, cakes for bad hair days, and cakes only to be eaten barefoot in the grass.3. We all wish we could fly."I was hatched from an egg," he stated.The class had stopped tittering with laughter, and now just stared."I sleep in a next," he continued."I bathe in a birdbath."I... I..." he paused, and then quickly proclaimed a final fact."I wish O could fly."The students looked around at one another. Slowly, cautiously, one girl rose, then a second boy, followed by a third. Soon, the entire class was standing. So many magical little lines in this book that really do remind me of Kate DiCamillo's writing, but not sure elementary kids are mature enough to connect with the message of the story. I think most kids at my school would read it and just think it's strange! Middle school kids who are more at the age where they struggle to feel like they fit in and accept who they are might really connect with this, though. I loved the swings at the kitchen table, and the birdhouse, and the questions all of Nashville's classmates asked that turned out to be about him. I really enjoyed it, despite how quirky it is, and I hope some kids (or grown-ups!) pick this story up and are able to relate with it. Maybe we don't have feathers, but plenty of us are just trying to find a way to fit in.
A poetic, short, fanciful story about true character, love, change, and growing up.
Very imaginative story line and the writing, oh! The writing was beautiful!
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