Big Bouffant (2011)
Big Bouffant (2011)
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0761354093 (ISBN13: 9780761354093)
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I love this picture book. I want all my nieces to read this. Annabelle is a fun little girl who wants to be different from all the other girls from her class. She’s almost as a little Carrie Bradshaw (SATC) who loves fashion and standing out. The steps Annabelle takes to come up with something new is such fun. The story is filled with colourful pictures that truly stand out almost as Annabelle herself. Just take a look at that wonderful cover and you immediately get the feeling of how the book is inside. Being yourself and be original is the best advice for children nowadays. So when the book comes out in April I am going to buy a copy of it. I’m looking forward to more picture books by Kate Hosford. Spunky Annabelle does not want to look like every other girl in her class--their hairstyles are so ordinary and unimaginative! She convinces her mother to give her the most fabulous hairstyle she can think of--a big, big bouffant! Her classmates' initial skepticism turns to interest, then to admiration, and soon every member of her class--even each boy--is sporting a bouffant. Now how will Annabelle stand out from the crowd? Young girls especially will enjoy this colorful look at non-conformity and the surprise Annabelle cooks up at the end.On a personal level, while I appreciated Annabelle's spunk and desire for individuality, the ending was a let-down for me. I expected a spectacular change in her appearance, not just an accessory. Picky? Yes. Little girls will probably love this book, though. Throw some glitter in her bouffant, and this could be a best-seller! ;)
This is a very cute story but very similar to Robert Munsch's Stephanie's Ponytail.
He read this to his little sister....cracking up at the hair the whole time. :c)
Cute idea and fun illustrations. Message is about being yourself.
The best book ever to be invented! I love it! Awesome!
A book about standing out from the crowd.
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