Billionaire's Revenge (2012)
Billionaire's Revenge (2012)
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I really enjoyed this book. There was strong emotions, and hot passion between Darius, and Sara. There were many twist to the story. I loved the kids that was adding into this story, and joy that Sara got from just being around them. This story also pulled on my heart strings with little Carly. I don’t want to say too much, and give the story away. I will say I loved how this started out as revenge, but ended with love. Sara, and Darius were friends many years before, when he worked for her father. He has resented Sara for years, when he was set up. Sara’s father made Sara tell Darius that he was fired. That moment has stayed with Darius, the emotions and the anger. I really enjoyed it, when Darius finally learned the truth. If you want a book that has romance, heat, passion, and strong emotions you will love this book! Sample from chapter 3She stared at the ceiling, her eyes wide with disbelief. Now she knew, now finally she understood what her friends had talked about. She fought the urge to move her arms around him and kiss his cheek. To him this was revenge, a means to make her pay for the past. It meant nothing else to him: Sara was afraid to show the intensity of her experience. Biting her lip she remained silent and still under him, until he finally pushed himself from her, rolling over onto his back, his breathing still ragged, one arm over his head. I DID QUITE ENJOY THIS ONE FOR ITSELF... outside of the below.Ok... I've read a few of Marie Kelly's books now. 1. Not very well written (not appalling either)2. Pretty sure no one bothered with an edit, grammar or any kind of other eye over them at any point (and if they have, they should save us all some time and give themselves a slap up side the head)3. All of these books I've read appear to have the exact same plot... Change a few names, ages and backgrounds and 'vu wala'... Next book done. Think the above covers my main points. That being said... IF you can ignore the above, and are just looking for a light read... You may have found an outlet for that, perhaps you should take a look. Last note. I would have no problem reading them all if they were free - cause it is interesting to see how many ways she can tilt the same view (and I note that I have seen two different baby billionaires to be noting that they started by ferrying tourist around the Greek isles). I brought one or two because I hadn't realized we were looking at the above points throughout... But I don't think I will be spending anymore money on them.
It was cute. I think it was harsh how he planned on using her, but in the end it all worked out.
I enjoyed this very much. I actually read it numerous times
Great story. Easy enjoyable read.
Very entertaining read!
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