Billy And Milly, Short And Silly! (2009)
Billy and Milly, Short and Silly! (2009)
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0399246517 (ISBN13: 9780399246517)
Putnam Juvenile
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I used this book last week with my first and second grade students as an introduction to story elements. I explained to them that to be a story there needs to be at least three things: characters, setting, and plot. The short stories in this book worked perfectly to emphasize my point that a story doesn't need to have 100 pages to be a story. By the time I got to the last story, the students were reading the words with me (a clear sign of engagement). Whenever a book captures the attention of my often restless first and second graders, I am always relieved. Not every book is a success after all. But this is a book that I will definitely use again. Maybe next time I'll work with the students and see if we can come up with short stories of our own.One of things that makes this book work so well is the way the illustrations and the words compliment each other perfectly. Since each story is only three or four words, the illustrations become a vital part of helping the students see the story. Mourning's illustrations do this perfectly. I also appreciated the organization of some of the stories, where the story starts on one double page spread, but finished on the next page. This allowed me to ask the students where they thought the story was going (prediction), another important skill for young readers to develop. The design of the book (short stories, few words) makes this a great book for struggling readers as well. Highly recommended for teachers to use with their students or for private reading time. Great illustrations, could be used for story time or for an early reader. Might need a little explaining if used in story time Follow Billy and Milly through thirteen adventures in these funny and simple short stories. Through very basic storytelling, these brief narratives are told in only three or four words apiece. Eve Feldman cleverly uses easily recognizable words in these entertaining episodes, and Tuesday Mourning's vibrant, playful illustrations jump off the page to bring readers right into the action. With a pair of wonderfully playful characters, Billy and Milly is perfect for anyone who likes a good short story!
L enjoyed this one - it's cute and simple, rhyming
Three to four words each story, but still good.
short stories, playing with words
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