Black Beauty (2009)
Black Beauty (2009)
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Random House Books for Young Readers
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I bought this book, not for the story, but for the illustrations. The story is GREATLY condensed, and I guess it's good for the younger children, to introduce them to the story of Black Beauty. However, it is the illustrations that make this book. I have several children's books illustrated by Susan Jeffers and am not disappointed in any of them, judging the art work alone. And, she definitely is an artist. Beautiful!!! ...(Mommy's review from 7/10/10)I was so happy to find this at the library! I was even more happy to see how thrilled Julia was to find it! Since I reread this only a few weeks ago and had mentioned the book to her she remembered and I was able to keep the talk going. I'm saving a copy of the adult Black Beauty for when she's old enough and I can only hope she enjoys it like I did. I truly believe this is a very meaningful story and I'm so happy that Sharon Lerner must agree and must think it's important for the story to be introduced to children as soon as possible.This is definitely age appropriate but a little longer than what Julia's used to at the moment. She'll soon be on to books this length though so that wasn't a distraction for us. Susan Jeffers did a fantastic job on the illustrations too - Black Beauty, along with the rest of the horses, were all absolutely beautiful. This stayed very true to the adult book also. Merrylegs and Ginger were included along with the important people, good and bad, that Black Beauty came into contact with. All of the importany factors were there with just enough detail of the horses feelings for a child to understand without being overwhelmed.
Wonderful picture book version closely follows Sewell's original novel.
Didn't like reading about the abuse this horse suffered.
He likes Ginger!
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