Blind Justice (2013)
Blind Justice (2013)
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Another great book by Anne Perry where she uses the mystery format to examine the question of justice....justice by the law and whether one is justified going outside the law when the law fails to deliver justice. The main character here is not Hester Monk or her husband William, commander of the Thames River Police, though they are strong supporting characters. No, Perry's book examines Justice Oliver Rathbone, a former suitor of Hester's, who has climbed to the ranks of Judge at the Old Bailey and also lost the support and love of his former wife, who has moved out, due to incidents covered in an earlier book. In this one, an odious preacher who is bilking congregants into the poorhouse by guilting them to contribute to overseas charities who never see the money is about to get off in a case over which Rathbone is presiding. Rathbone has the means to show the defense's star witness, who has discredited many good citizens, as the loathsome soul he is. Does he rise above the law or not? Great book, very gripping. If you enjoy Victorian era mysteries, you'll want to pick this one up. It was another excellent book by author Anne Perry that had you intrigued from the get go. I've missed a few of the Monk books since the last one I read several years ago so I had to catch up a bit on some of the characters including Scuff, who I wasn't a character yet when I last read one of the Monk books. I took to him quite well, he's a good lad who's trying to find his way in his new surroundings but already has a lot of great character. This book covers a topic that is just as topical today as it was in the Victorian era- child sexploitation. A very nasty thing to have to deal with but sadly, something that has and still does occur around the world and Victorian England wasn't free from it anymore than any other country was. I will say that the judge presiding Rathbone's case was so against him, so adamament against him that I thought he'd be uncovered as one of the members of a child porno "ring". I won't say if that happened or not in this book but the ending did surprise me a little bit.
A great mystery that keeps you on your toes until the very end. I enjoyed the characters.
one of the better installments in the William Monk series...
A mystery with an interesting moral question. I enjoyed it.
I enjoy this series - but this addition was a little weak
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