Blitzing Emily (2014)
Blitzing Emily (2014)
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0062279718 (ISBN13: 9780062279712)
Avon Impulse
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For those who enjoy a "clean" read this may work for you. There's some hot foreplay but any actual sex doesn't happen on the page. So maybe a semi-clean read? It wouldn't be offensive in any way to many people. I might have scored this higher had the story not meandered so often. It was really hard to keep track of the timeline and certain plot lines were dropped and brought back up much later. I think the editor should have shortened and tightened up the story but overall it was a pretty good football romance. I already picked up the next book in the series mainly because I liked the sister and want to read her story. Emily a strong minded, career focused opera diva accidentally finds herself engaged to NFL player Brandon. Sounds farcical and yet strangely it worked. You could almost believe this situation could be taking place and both leads were realistic with a believable connection. The story of normal girl meets famous guy has been done to death yet Blitzing Emily was fun and engaging where so many have failed (Love Unscripted I am looking at you!)What I loved : Brandon - sexy, caring and engaging. Emily - a heroine who you fell in love with. No simpering females here. She is a career minded woman of our time. The narrator - third person who switched effortlessly between Brandon & Emily, no easy task. A love story thar made sense. What I didn't like: Slightly saccharine at times, with a need to occasionally suspend disbelief (why didn't they get together sooner), the time of drama being visible from miles away. The ending was a little nauseating for me. Overall a great book and one to recommend.
fun story, great dialog, great characters, loved this book and the next in the series
The story is super predictable, but still enjoyable! 3.5 - 4 stars
I got to page 272 and had to stop. Just not to my taste.
What's not to love - the football star and opera star.
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