Blood Rights (2011)
Blood Rights (2011)
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50% done.Can't deal with all the POV shifts (some unnecessary) and the cliched characters (evil villain is, GASP, completely evil with a pet snake and wants to rule the world or... something) and the plodding beginning. Sounded pretty in parts and trying too hard in others. Can't stand the side characters (meeh) and the main ones were almost as iffy, even with my love of main characters (admittedly, the shifting POVs didn't help). Couldn't care about anyone or anything that was happening.Interesting background/premise, but the execution left me cold. In Kristen Painter's Blood Rights, she told us a tale that takes place in the future in Paradise City, New Florida. Chrysabelle was a comarré, a human hybrid bred for their vampire patrons, when her patron's found dead. On the run, she sought help from an unlikely source to clear her name and prove her innocence. Malkolm is a cursed anathema vampire, who was tempted to kill her. But due to Chrysabelle's blood rights, when he gave her blood, he owned her. They're both on the run against Tatiana, an evil vampiress who wanted to break the covenant for higher powers of her own. And she needed to get her Tatiana or her loved ones to do it. What a powerful story.
it was interesting...but i dont think i will be continuing the series.
The book cover looks very interesting. I give this book 5 stars.
A very nice book. A full review will come soon.
3.5 stars
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