Blood Sense (2011)
Blood Sense (2011)
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Connie Suttle
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This review is chock full of spoilers... and a mini rant.Like most of the other reviewers, I really enjoyed the first 2 books. I even agreed with Lissa's decision at the end of book 2. But what the hell happened in the third book? I don't have a huge issue with Gavin and his overbearing, blaming Lissa for things outside of her control, self; Not much of an issue with Merrill; we knew Vlodek and the council are a bunch of ******** but what really got my goat was Tony. Tony and his secrets, his abuse of trust, the haphazard way he and his cronies manage her safety, the show and tell and the constant lack of respect for her (personal) wishes - why didn't she compel him to stop making passes at her!! *throws hands in air*. How did he get so far without someone putting compulsions on him in the very beginning? The pack business was predictable but somewhat entertaining. And Lissa is annoying me too: If I see "Honey" followed by soppy b.s. one more time, I'll scream. And what's with Griffin "planting suggestions"?!?!? REALLY!?!? And will someone please teach Lissa how to fight properly - sending her out there (as "valuable" and rare as she is) as a lapdog, half cocked and entrusting everyone with her safety and not teach her how to properly fight. This woman started her vamp life with ZERO combat skills. And did the editors fall asleep towards the end of the book? How did we switch to announcing the name of the person you're addressing in every sentence? I can understand if it were all email exchanges but these happened during conversations. Tony to Lissa "Lissy......" Lissa in reply "Tony...." REALLY!?!? There were so many of these starts of sentences/dialog that I'm sure I fell asleep.And I must've skipped so much that I missed the clues as to how she came up with the revelation came to light on the LAST SODDING PAGE of the book.*Sigh* I'm taking a break. I might read the rest of the series at a later date. I thought this book was phenomenal! This is the third book in the Blood Destiny series, that picks up right where the second book left off, from that insane cliffhanger!Lissa is now recovering from her bout with the sun and trying to cope with her emotions about the punishment the Vampire Counsel dealt out to her for disobeying her sire. Lissa is barely a year old as a vampire, and in the vampire world they have rules, structure, like a government, and she is still learning. The counsel told Lissa she has to live and learn with her sire for at least five years to make sure she is willing and able to live on her own two feet amongst the humans without endangering them or the vampires existence. The counsel and Lissa's sire Merrill, treat her as a child because she is one in their eyes, she's only a year old people! She doesn't know squat about how to properly feed from a human without killing them, or how revealing vampires to humans would be disastrous for so many reasons. So ya, this is why the counsel and everyone else seem controlling over Lissa! DUH! It's not that she doesn't have a spine, or self esteem, she is but one star in the whole fracking universe! Bigger picture! Heard of it?? Moving on now...I thought the story line was great, having Lissa in so many different scenarios kept the book from getting boring and kept me on my toes. Introducing new characters, which I'm sure will come into play again in future books, simply because they can't let Lissa's talents go unused by them. Which brings to mind Senator Duff. Boy, he's a dick! The great Senator, in cahoots with Rear Admiral Dennis Hafer, to snatch Lissa up to do who knows what for them, Hafer runs like a little bitch to the President to "out" Lissa as a vampire. Like he didn't already know. Who do you think approved the "Paranormal Division" that Tony is in charge of, dumb ass! My initial feelings about Tony were warm and fuzzy with a side of pity, ever since Lissa just up and disappeared on him. No longer do I feel that way about Tony, he's on my shit list. He betrays Lissa in such an awful manner, that I was so pissed I was yelling "you mother fracker!" I was so hoping that when Gavin arrived to pick up Lissa he would remove Tony's head from his body! The way the whole US government fracker's regards Lissa just makes me sick.During Lissa's time away, which was month's with Tony and his BS, Lissa is getting homesick and has been keeping in touch with everyone via email. When Lissa left,there had been a string of children abductions and then their murdered little bodies found later. So Lissa was asking questions of Charles when she would email him and eventually took it one step further to asking the Grand Master if he had anyone in London that could check things out for her over there. As things develop, Wlodek finally gets his head out of his ass and starts investigating matters based on the information Lissa has been giving his assistant Charles.Next is the three ring circus they call the werewolves. Winkler is stuck marrying Kellee, a fling with a young thang he ended up knocking up, and is now regretting big time! Kellee also happens to be extremely jealous of Lissa because of the way she knows Weldon and Winkler feel about her and the HIGH regard they hold her in. So Kellee turns into a HUGE BITCH and gets Lissa transferred to another pack! If she wasn't pregnant, Lissa would have knocked that bitch into California! BTW, Lissa gets transferred to the Sacramento pack, my home town baby! Ya! So now Lissa is a Cali girl, hell ya! But that is not where the drama ends with the pack, unfortunately, but I'm not saying anymore to give the outcome away.So in the end, there is another, "to be continued", at the end of this book. It ends in the middle of something big, but not a cliffhanger. I definitely feel that as Lissa grows and learns, she is going to turn out to be something great and big,but she's not going to continue eating shit and being bossed around for very much longer. If you remember in the previous books, they mention how she "would be a Queen, if it were not for the compulsion", and we know, but they don't know she can not be put under compulsion anymore. So just remember that, and that bit of info will come back to bite them in the ass! Can't wait for it!
I should stop reading and do a few reviews!! LOL! Great book! Will write a review soon!
Another great story in this addictive series!
Another great book
review soon!
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