Blood Wager (2011)
Blood Wager (2011)
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Connie Suttle
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OK I got half way through the book before I realized something that just made it impossible for me to keep reading. I really liked the idea for the story line and the beginning was quite good, I likes the characters personality, how she didn't freak out and just when with the flow but there is one thing really irritates me. With her job as a bodyguard (which she has no experiences in but is somehow amazing at) She saves Sam from being shot and everyone just finds out shes a vampire and act like its no big deal, and then her boss whom she saved the life of, blackmails her (the TOUGH vampire) because she used a fake ID. She just gives up, why not just leave, what are they going to do set the police on her, she could just compel the police to forget her or better yet just compel her boss to let her leave. I admit that there might have been a reason this wouldn't work (like shes too new so it wouldn't hold) but she didn't even try, she just decided they knew she was a vampire so game over. A pretty good newbie vampire story. Lissa Workman's husband has just died of a long and debilitating illness and she is drowning her sorrow in a bar when she is snatched by a couple vampires and bitten for a wager. It seems women seldom survive the process and the vampires have a bet how long she will take to rise but intend to kill her immediately since what they are doing would have the Vampire Council taking their heads. Lissa wakes up undead far quicker than they thought and figuring out what has happened escapes and tries to sift out reality from fiction in her new vampire existance. Her whole life has been ripped apart but she is has always been a good person and having to drink human blood doesn't change that. She figures out how to feed and not kill while on the run from the two vampires who she is sure want to kill her. Thing is the Vampire Council is not stupid and catch on to the snippets in the news she has unwittingly left. They catch the two idiots who turned her and are sadly going to destroy Lissa as a rogue when she lands a job as a night bodyguard for a software mogul who is developing facial recognition software that would be disastrous for Vampires who live for centuries. Untrained in Vampire ways, Lissa is doing as well as could be expected but completely unaware the Council has placed one of their executioners to work along side of her so they can stop the software from being released and bring her in for execution. It is a fun book really, a light read with a cool protagonist and interesting world of vampires and werewolves. I will keep reading the series as they become available on Audible.
FABULOUS 1st book: So much happens and the characters are super likable! Can't wait to read more!
Thank you book recommendations. I took a chance and was not disappointed.
So loving this series.
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