Blowing On Dandelions (2013)
Blowing on Dandelions (2013)
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David C. Cook
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This was a wonderful book in a new series I've decided to read... the story sucked me in and held me captive until I finished it... wonderful, real characters that you care about and root for that things will come out all right in the end... wonderful storyline and trials of the characters faith and love... DEFINITELY going to read the other two in the series ASAP... recommend to one and all who enjoy a good story with wonderful characters I read, with great pleasure, Miralee Ferrell's book, Blowing on Dandelions and I can highly recommend this publication. Others have written most adequately in regard to the people and the events and relationships of the book, so I will keep my comments to the over-all 'feel' of the book. Miralee develops her 'people' to be characters of strength and depth. Undoubtedly due to professional expertise, she illustrates the ability to assign deep and emotional traits to the folks that play leading roles in the story. Additionally, there is much to be said for Miralee's knowledge and understanding of the history of that time and place. Dialogue between the various characters is believable and flowed easily. Blowing on Dandelions is a wonderful book, filled with diverse and colorful characters, that softly yet clearly delivers the message of God's love and forgiveness. It's a book that drew me into the story so much so that when it ended, the characters, who became friends, lingered in fond recollections of a scenario in which I would be comfortable. I loved knowing that I would be following these interesting 'people' in other books of the series, including a novella, Forget Me Not, and two other books, Wishing on Buttercups with the third release scheduled for September.
*with appreciation to David C Cook for providing ecopy to read and review without obligation.
Love love love this book.
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