Boats In The Night (2011)
Boats in the Night (2011)
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Josephine Myles
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Sweet romance between two adult men with lots of baggage and the baggage comes back to visit.There was more then a little aggressive non-consensual sex going on before we meet our main characters which is correctly described as rape, but the sweet clueless Giles Rathbourne. Giles is so clueless in social interactions, but sees black and white about the rape that happened to Smutty and turns out to other people which made me fall in love with Giles. I liked Smutty too, but he really was too forgiving and hippy-dippy although he did make for a loyal and sweet love interest for the hurting Giles.The surprise was not one for me because the world is large, but not at all when it comes to embarrassing emotional baggage. That always seems to find you no matter where you go in the world!Sweet M/M romance that was well written and developed.160 pages3 stars What a fab little book. I love I when books are set in the UK. It's feels familiar and even more so when I recognise places I know and cities I've visited. Set in Bath it's Smutty and Giles story. Smutty is passionate, creative and leads with heart. Giles is a bit more upperty and insular. When they get together are passionate and hot and quite literary flick each other's switches. Add to that gardening and Smutty whizzing fire around on chains and you get a wonderful little read with lots going on :)
very cute. Myles is becoming a new fave. Likable MCs, slightly impractical twists, but sexy and fun.
I just love Jo Myles' quirky characters. Smutty is just another in a long line :)
Lovely story, warm comforty read, and set in a beautiful part of England.
entertaining.wraps up too quickly, too easily but enjoyable.
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