Body Games (2000)
Body Games (2000)
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I think Annebelle is my favourite h of this whole series. I loved everything about her. And I'm really happy she got Jendan as her H cause he just such a great guy. I think this might be my favourite of the series! I love how freaking creative Jessica Clare is with these books, I could never think up all these crazy challenges and twists, she should do her own reality tv. She'd be awesome at it for sure lol. Not my best review ever. I did enjoy BODY GAMES, but it really didn't make me feel anything. I really enjoyed BODY GAMES as it took place on Endurance Island and brought back the key factors that made me enjoy WICKED GAMES so much. ***Details***BODY GAMES is the flip of WICKED GAMES. Annabelle was on last the season of Endurance Island and was portrayed as a brainless ho as she was betrayed by Kip’s false love interest. Coming back for another season, she’s determined to take Kip out and stay away from men. Of course that doesn’t go as planned when she’s paired with Kip and ends up seeking Jendan Abercrombie’s company. Did I mention the contestants are naked? We remember Jendan from BEDROOM GAMES stuck in the friend zone with Kandis. The fates don’t start off treating him any differently when Annabelle makes it clear she won’t give in to romance on the show. However, that seems to work in their favor as they develop a deeper relationship. And when Annabelle must make the difficult choice to use her hidden idol to send Jendan home, she can only hope he forgives her. Annabelle is a force to be reckoned with as she plays to win and makes it to the final two. As the months pass until the final Jendan and Annabelle are able to move forward with their relationship. Not only is Annabelle engaged by the final, she also takes home the money.
Great read! Read it in 5 hours!! Cant wait for the next one!
the best couple from the series
Woo! Review to come.
Loved this series!
very good
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