Boomtown (2013)
Boomtown (2013)
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Boomtown (Freebirds #1)By: Lani Lynn Vale4/5 starsCheyenne Allen is living in Texas, going to college to become a nurse and helping her mother take care of her niece while her brother James is deployed overseas with the Army Rangers. She also has her best friend Ember, and the two are like hilarious sisters who like to razz each other. Sam Mackenzie used to be in the Army Rangers as well, and when he got out he moved to Texas and opened a vehicle/motorcycle repair shop with his other team members, Max, who is Ember’s brother, Gabe, Elliott and Jack and James when he returns home. Their side business is rescuing abused and battered women, and setting them up with a new life.They don’t say much to each other, but they have an explosive first meeting, where they find out some surprises about each other and how they have a connection together before they even met and knew each other. There are some miscommunications after this but when there may be trouble, Cheyenne knows that she can trust and count on Sam. Sam is going to make sure that Cheyenne understands that they became more and that she is his woman.There is some drama that happens to Cheyenne, but as it turns out, it is more about the men of Free and their military past. It’s very dangerous when someone seems to be targeting the group and who doesn’t care if innocent people are hurt or killed if it gets the revenge that is wanted. This keeps everyone connected to the group on high alert which also forces Cheyenne and Sam to work out their differences and when they get together it is steamy hot.There is some personal drama that happens to Sam that tries to cause problems for him and Cheyenne, but their bond is so strong and unbreakable that they have no problem weathering any type of storm. Which is good because a big one is coming their way.There are 5 books in the Freebird series, one for each single man, Sam, Gabe, Max, Jack & James and I read through this entire series and learned that Elliott and his wife Blaine will be getting their own novella, currently untitled and no release date. But I’ll be reading it as well!Reading Order:1. Boomtown2. Highway Don’t Care3. Another One Bites the Dust4. Last Day of My Life5. Texas Tornado6. Elliott and Blaine’s story I was actually unsure after reading the synopsis of the book whether I would like it. I have even grown leery of higher ratings of a book because that has steered me wrong more times than I expected. So I downloaded a Kindle sample. I knew after the first page, I was sure I wanted to read the rest so I bought it. I am so glad I did. This was a good, unexpectedly funny at times semi-erotic romance between an ex-Army Ranger/Harley rider and a quirky truck driving-Nappa parts store clerk (though it is NAPA auto parts, not sure if this was a deliberate typo)-nursing student. Sam was hot and likable. Cheyenne started off the story a bit funny, cute and very likable. About 3/4 into the story she got a little on my nerves. Her funny behavior became a little obnoxious, and she was a raving bitch at times. Temper is one thing, she really pushed the bounds of just being a complete immature bitch. Luckily I was already invested in the outcome of the story that it didn't destroy it for me. Though, I thought there were some element at the end that were over the top and unneeded extra drama. A bit of an eye roll. Little Janie got on my nerves through the whole book. I am not one for spoiled rotten kids in a book and people who not only condone that behavior, but help to feed it. It always detracts from a book for me. Then Piper's behavior at end explained a lot about the parenting of Janie. They were like mini Cheyenne's. Ugh. Even with those story detractions I really enjoyed the book and staying up until the wee hours to finish it solidifies that. I really liked Lani Lynn Vale's writing style. It hooked me from the first page.
Not an MC romance, but it is a good book.
4 1/2 stars
Loved it!
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