Boot And Shoe (2012)
Boot and Shoe (2012)
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0857079263 (ISBN13: 9780857079268)
Simon & Schuster Childrens Books
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Boot and Shoe is a story about two dogs who do everything together, except one hangs out on the front porch all day and the other on the back porch, until a squirrel mixes them up. They spend a long lonely day waiting for the other to get back to their normal side of the porches. When nature calls, they are reunited and go to bed happily. The pictures in this book were so wonderful. I especially like the way the illustrations depicted the movement of each dog throughout the story. Boot and Shoe were happily doing their own doggy thing in their preferred spot of the house until a mischievous squirrel turned their routine upside down. Out of concern,they sit vigil and wait for the other to return to their appointed spot. After hours of an exhausting wait, nature calls and they are finally reunited, back together where they are happiest. The illustrations are adorable, but Boot and Shoe are drawn in a kind of ambiguous style. I initially thought they were cats until they are shown peeing on a tree.
5 stars from both of us. We read this one many times. Daughter loved the chase page.
Kiddo liked this one. Read it at school.
Charming and darling.
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