Born This Way (2013)
Born This Way (2013)
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1623807557 (ISBN13: 9781623807559)
Dreamspinner Press
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I’ve heard a lot of good about this author and I’ve been wanting to try some of her work so this was my first introduction to her. It was a rather pedestrian story in the shifter genre, nothing all that great. I enjoyed it ok, and I could see there were places where this story could have been stronger, but for the most part it was rather bland. I like cat shifter stories, but for some reason reading the word Liger over and over irritated me, guess it make me think of Napoleon Dynamite or something, (though I did like the movie), the term felt childish to me. And Harts dialog in the beginning made me wonder if he was capable if stringing two sentences together. This story had the potential to be sweet, young Dayton, friend of the pride finding out the man he thought hated him was actually in love with him all along-who doesn’t love those kinds of stories? But the story was tame, Dayton really fought getting together with Hart, Hart threw Dayton into his world and thought it would all smooth out and so we got some rocky in our romance. Overall it was ok, but probably not the author’s best work. I’m still excited to read the Mind Magic series when I get around to it. Read on 10-4-13I adored Dayton! I thought that his not wanting to jump into bed with Hart right away was awesome. Too many times the Alpha gets his way, too soon. I liked that Dayton fought back. As far as Hart, well, at first he was very ummm...Tarzan-ish. I wanted to yell, FORM A COMPLETE SENTENCE THAT MAKES SENSE! Then he kind of grew on me, a little. Still not my favorite and I would have liked to have seen him in his liger form in front of Dayton more, in a calm manner. I am a fan of the animal form with their human mate. I wanted to see more of that connection.Overall, it was a cute story and only took me an hour to read.
Cute short shifter tale. I liked it more than I expected to. A liger? Yes pls.
Wished it was longer.
3 stars
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