Both Of Me (2014)
Both of Me (2014)
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0310731887 (ISBN13: 9780310731887)
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I read a review copy of this book on Net Galley, and this is my honest review. I really enjoyed this book once I got into it. It was a little confusing at first, mostly due to Elias' personality disorder and switching back and forth between regular Elias and the "Other One", as he called himself. The set up is as follows: Clara is a teen from London who has been travelling the world in search of the bond she feels she once had and then destroyed with her father. Her mother has recently died, and her father is set to be released from prison the day after Clara decides to flee her home, leaving her little sister and brother behind to greet their father. Clara survives on money she makes from a fake charity website for "children of incarcerated parents", and her father's journal, which she uses to guide her travels as she recreates his path around the world. She is running from her past life and some unforgivable event that she feels "can't be undone"...The story then grows more interesting when Clara meets Elias as she is seated next to him on a flight to MN to visit an old friend. She feels an attraction and a bizarre connection to him during the plane ride, aside from finding his mysterious personality extremely irritating and confusing and his artwork eerily familiar. When the plane lands, Elias disappears with her backpack, leaving her behind with his bag. She has no choice but to go after him to reclaim her journal and the money she has hidden within. That is how the intertwined adventure/love story of Clara & Elias begins unfolding, followed by a lengthy and mysterious road trip, a lot of mythology and astronomy references, a handful of strangely helpful characters, all working together to create an unusually entertaining "quest" for the truth that will hopefully make Elias whole while also healing Clara's heart. I can't reveal any more details without ruining the plot, but if the reader can be patient, the story comes together in the end. Fans of troubled youth, mythology, and astrology will enjoy this novel, as well as persons of faith. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because it was confusing to follow at times, and I didn't like the ending, even though it was totally realistic... This novel is definitely worth the read, and I guarantee many young adult readers will love it! :) This book is not for the faint of heart. It deals with some extremely serious issues, and while not all of them conclude in the way we might hope, they are dealt with in an unforgivingly realistic way. The greatest mystery does not fall with the main character and why she's running away from home, but the true subject of the book, Elias, who has Dissociative Identity Disorder. Finding out what this means and why he is the way he is propels the plot forward more than anything else.
One word response: Weird. Still puzzling out the rest...
This book was unique and had a VERY sad ending.
amazing but sad i still lived it
tears. always tears.
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